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                    HSS Precision Gear Shaper Cutters

                    2021-07-06 08:47:39 jiangxingTools 959

                    HSS Precision Gear Shaper Cutters

                    Gear shaper is the gear cutting tool for generating the gear teeth. The both gear and cutter are mounted on the gear gear shape machine. Then a symmetrical motion o rotation and reiprocating generates the gear teeth: 1), generating internal gears and shoulder gears, 2), generating omitted teeth combined one or variable tooth thickness.

                    types of gear shaper cutters.png

                    the types of gear shaper cutters are disk type shaper cutter, bowl type shaper cutter and shank type shaper cutters, which are made from quality material HSS M2, M35, M42, ASP30, ASP52, S390.

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