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                    Shank-type shaper cutter with DIN 5480

                    2021-10-18 13:36:00 jiangxingTools 822

                    Shank-type shaper cutter with DIN 5480

                    Tooth profile to DIN5480 standard

                    din5480 std shank-type shaper cutter.jpg

                    Module: m0.6-m5

                    Number of teeth: Z10-16

                    Pressure angle: 30°

                    Length: 70-150mm

                    shank type shaper cutter.jpg

                    The standard gear shaping tools are manufactured from HSS M35, ASP2052 and S390 material with an Alcrona Pro coating. The range of stock gear cutting tools also offers customers great flexibility. Here you will find the available models in the category shank-type shaper cutters DIN5480.